Expat Doula & HypnoBirthing®

Make your dreams happen birth your way!

Welcome to Birth Your Way, where I, Dr. Nina Bogerd, provide professional doula and childbirth education services to expecting expat families in the Netherlands. I know how you feel and what you need. I know it first-hand. I am an expat, that expected a child and birthed in the area of Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, Leiden and Zoetermeer. Based on my experience and that of my numerous clients, I have learned that the proper support genuinely makes all the difference.

I cherish your cultural roots, I honor the uniqueness of your family and your life situation. I know that you birth best when you are your true self. Thus, I meet your birthing preferences unprejudiced and provide you with tailored support so that you can birth your way. And oh yes, I have roots too. All those years spent in academics dictate my exceptionally professional attitude and commitment to providing support originating from evidence-based knowledge. I believe in the power of teamwork. I aspire to work closely with your partner and, your midwife or gynecologist.

I am not only a hard-core doer, I am a listener too. With me, you will never have to worry about not being listened to and, more importantly of not being heard. I will meet your emotional needs with ultimate understanding, empathy, and love. You will be seen.