Yes! It is possible to have a calm, empowering, and positive birth.

This course guarantees to re-train your subconscious mind to view birthing in a positive way. This Hypnobirthing course has been tried, tested, and loved by parents around the world. It has helped many create a relaxing, calming, and more comfortable pregnancy journey. And not only for the mothers but their birth partners have also learned to be more calm and confident. We can help you find a doula, and we have much experience with childbirth education.

Any Hypno-mum will tell you it’s the go-to childbirth education that helped them have an easier, more comfortable, and others have experienced a pain-free natural birthing experience.

What is Hypnobirthing?

For decades, hypnosis has been used as a relaxation tool to conquer our fears and anxiety. Now it’s been used by mums-to-be and their partners as a highly effective pregnancy and childbirth technique to help them prepare for the big day.

Hypnobirthing entails practicing regular hypnosis, deep relaxation techniques, and visualization to reduce one’s fear that’s associated with childbirth. It is normally associated with natural birth and they come in hand for those birthing at home, birthing centers, and even hospitals.


Benefits of Hypnobirthing

We have to admit that pregnancy comes with its fair share of anxiety and fear. Your hormones are raging, the body is changing, and you don’t know what exactly to expect.

Hypnobirthing will take you through some relaxation techniques that will help soften your body during childbirth. For some moms, it turns their focus away from labor intensity, making the experience less frightening and more positive.

Other benefits include:

Shorter labor: Hypnosis has been known to reduce the first step of birthing – labor. It reduces the time taken for both early and active labor.

Reduces the need for intervention: It encourages vaginal birth so most of the women taking hypnobirthing don’t need oxytocin augmentation.

Natural pain management: Moms who want medical-free labor can leverage hypnosis. According to a 2013 study, 51% of the women who used hypnosis didn’t use any pain management medicine during labor.

Puts you in control: with less fear about labor and birth, you’re more in control of your birthing process.

For moms considering a non-medicated natural birth, this might just be what the doctor ordered.

Course Structure

This course has 5 classes each session 2.5 hours long.
Class 1: Dehypnotizing & Building a Positive Expectancy
Class 2: Pre-Birth Parenting, Preparing Your Mind and Body
Class 3: Advanced Visualization and Deepening
Class 4: Overview and Summary of Childbirth
Class 5: Birthing the Final Act and Bonding

Take the course and you’ll be on your way to experiencing a birth you’re proud to talk about for a lifetime.