About Nina

“To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle” Paul Carver

Meet Dr. Nina Bogerd.
Dr. Nina Bogerd is a certified labor doula and HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator. Giving birth and becoming a mother to her two sons meant for Nina discovery of what the words, miracle, and unconditional love, mean. Yet, it was the loss of her third son that ignited compassion in her and, that propelled her to become an expat doula and childbirth educator serving expat families in the area of Den Haag, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden, and Zoetermeer.

Nina’s life quest to passionately share unconditional love is the driving force behind her professional and personal life. People who met Nina will tell you that she has this particular flair for effortlessly building a deep connection with you. She is passionate to commit fully to her cause, whatever the cause is. Attending a birth, cheering her sons on football matches or breakdance battles, planning travels with her family or climbing a mountain. Oh, Nina loves climbing those mountains, and she will climb yours with you. If her cause is your birthing journey, she will deeply connect with you, she will feel you, she will recognize your needs and commit to supporting you on your journey to birth your way wholeheartedly.

Ask Nina to explain to you the process of physiological birth and her eyes will sparkle. Well, well sparkle is an understatement, you will see the shower of meteors in her eyes. Ever since Nina has been always all about learning how the human body works. She prides herself in being one of those hands-on scientists, who exposed her research participants to extreme environments and studied closely their physiological responses. Oh, no worries the participants survived, Nina works with the highest ethical standards. And she loved research work as much as she loved sharing her knowledge through lecturing. Today it is no different, when you will attend her birth preparation course you will see Nina in her flow. If you request a private birth preparation course in the evening or weekend, Nina will be always flexible to find time to give birth preparation courses. And while doing all that science thing, Nina has learned one thing, the human body is not a machine, it does not have an on/off switch. Physiological processes need their time. Translating her knowledge to pregnancy and birth and, combining it with the mounting experience she knows it very well, for the human body to birth it needs to feel love, calmness, and confidence. And when you will be expecting and birthing your child, be assured that Nina’s cause will be to install all that.

With the birth of her sons, motherhood had been awoken in Nina to the potentials she had not realized she was carrying within her. This powerful feeling of love toward her sons took over her life, she embraced it wholeheartedly. As often in the life of a woman, Nina did not experience only the joys of birthing, she experienced also the numbing loss of a child. Those who know Nina would tell you that the loss awoke in her profound compassion. And when the refugee crisis engulfed Europe compassion that Nina felt dictated a strong push toward supporting expecting and birthing refugee mothers. Compassion pawed the road to start making difference in other people’s lives. She had traveled to the refugee camps, she was appointed to the local and international organizations where she supported expecting and birthing refugee women providing material, educational and emotional support. Without realizing it, a profound change took place in her. The philanthropic journey she embarked on was in fact Nina’s birth to become a birth doula and childbirth educator. In 2019 she decided to follow the pull of her heart, left her academic career, and became a professional expat doula and childbirth educator.

O yes as you might already know Nina is expat, she is Slovenian and lives in Den Haag with her Dutch husband and her two sons. Nina loves to lead a healthy lifestyle, she starts her days very early, she thinks it is cool to put on a headlamp, step out in the pitch dark, and size the running trails with her husky girl Bailey before the boys wake up. When she is not running, you can find her in a climbing hall or, trying to learn to kitesurf. Bogerd family loves to travel. It is their way to take time to slow down, to return to themselves, to return to each other. They appreciate the time spent together while fostering outdoor life and independence.